Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture brings people together, so that multiple patients can receive care at once, keeping treatments affordable and accessible. 

While we're in transition to a space that can provide this service, community sessions are available by booking only. 

Grab a group of friends, orient yourselves in the comfort of your own home, and kickback and relax. Treatments last from 20-60 minutes, and can cater up to six people at a time. 

Sliding scale $25-40 per person/session

Winter Hours

Wednesday: 9-2

Thursday 10-6

Private Sessions

Visit the Woven clinic for private sessions overlooking the boreal forest. 

Acupuncture treatments may include cupping depending on the nature of symptoms and comfort of the patient.


With the nature of Alaska summer, schedules are stretched and finding time for care can't always a priority. Which is why Woven extends its hours for active lifestyles. See our contact page to get in touch and we can set up an appointment time that works for you.  


::We do our best to accommodate all financial brackets::

Please be in touch regardless of pay scale if you'd like to work out an alternative pay plan.

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