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At Woven Acupuncture, we value the care you've already put into finding a practitioner that is the right fit for you. We aim to provide a space conducive to your healing journey and relaxation.

The first step in the chapter ahead is making an appointment. 

Click the link below to schedule your session today. Feel free to email or call with any further questions. 

::Where we're located::
To find the clinic, head to the corner of College and University. Our building is right next to Sunshine Health foods. Head through the doors on the far West side of the building, as if you are heading into Fuji. One more doorway takes you up a set of stairs and you will find Woven right at the top.

If entering from the entrance next to Enchanted Forest, head all the way down the hall towards the University and look for the last door on the left.

3 5 3 5 College Rd. Suite 202 . Fairbanks, Alaska. 99709 
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