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The Woven apothecary focuses on bringing you the highest quality of tinctures and teas that we have access too. The formulas are hand crafted, using a combination of locally harvested plants from the boreal forests and quality grown herbs to supplement the blends. 

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5 Element



In Chinese Medicine, we see the body in the context of five elements, five cycles, five organ systems. 

The tincture formulas in this collection each correspond to a different season, and in turn, a different element. Each organ system tends towards disharmony during a specific time of year. 

The herbs strewn through out this collection are designed to support our bodies throughout the year, like eating with the seasons, but emphasizing the support of our deepest reserves. 

Take home one, to support yourself in a time of need, or the whole set to invite your body into holistic wellness in the months ahead. 

Wood .


The Wood Element, strongest in the Springtime, reminds our body to detox from a long winter, supporting the Liver in order to get body functions in order. 

This tincture helps jump start digestion and liver function, so the body can keep up with the budding leaves around us. 

Liver Tonic





High Summer.

The Fire Element, connected to the summertime that's too often filled with its counter parted smoky skies, supports the Heart in it's greatest time of need. 

Heart Tonic





Late summer.

The Earth Element, pronounced in the late summer months, corresponds to the Spleen and Stomach, organs that not only rule digestion, but guide the transformation of what we put into our bodies into useable fuel. 

Spleen + Stomach Tonic





The Metal Element corresponds with the Lungs and manifests in the fall. As too many of us know, the lungs are most susceptible to disease as the seasons grow colder and our body makes its transition to the darker months ahead. 

Lung Tonic






In Winter, we are asked most to build our reserves, turn inward, plant seeds for the season ahead. The Kidneys, keepers of the Water Element, are the key to deep systemic support. This adaptogenic blend helps defend against physical, emotional, and environmental stressors to keep the body strong. 

Kidney Tonic



Take the whole set

And say yes to seasonal wellness, preventive care, and a healthier, happier you.

5 Element Year Round Set


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