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When it fits, it fits.

I’ve received Acupuncture my whole life, including as a child in San Francisco’s Chinatown, and I have never felt I’ve been in more capable and skilled hands than Julie’s. She is completely present during a session, and asks after all aspects of physical health, as well as being keyed into what is going on in the rest of life. This makes me feel cared for in such a deep way, and seen through a holistic lens that accounts for all that’s going in my unique story. Her treatments are always tailored to address my evolving health picture, and done with the touch of a true healer. Her body work is superb, and the points she chooses always feel spot-on. I leave feeling replenished, fully heard and nourished. She has the unmistakable traits of a person doing what she was born to do, and the loving presence of one who would not rather be anywhere else than *right here* doing just what they are doing.

~Stella Norris, Herbalist

"I was blessed to have Julie visit my home whilst she was traveling in Peru. In my experience, I notice that it can be difficult for practitioners to create a sacred and attentive space when they are not in a home office. This was definitely not the case with Julie. She was extremely professional and confident in her work, taking pulses and applying needles with skill and kindness. I immediately felt stagnant energy start to move within minutes and felt wonderful by the end of the session. I would highly recommend Julie's work, her combination of intuition and care made me feel safe to let go into her confident hands."

                                   -Safa Roberts


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